Egypt: Goodbye Camp David Accords

Egypt: Goodbye Camp David Accords

Despite assurances that Egypt would continue to respect all standing international treaties they have signed, today Egypt Independent is reporting Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi wishes to amend the Camp David Accords to “ensure Egypt’s full sovereignty and control over every inch of Sinai.” This is another troubling development for Israel which has had more than its share of surprises from its neighbor to the south over the past week.

The Camp David Accords ended thirty years of conflict between the two countries and resulted in the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty which demilitarized the Sinai Peninsula and has provided 33 years of what has been described as a “Cold Peace”. The ground breaking treaty resulted in Israeli Prime Minister Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat sharing the Nobel Peace Prize.

The renegotiation or dissolution of the treaty would be the completion of work started by the Muslim Brotherhood on Oct. 7, 1981 when they assassinated President Sadat at a national celebration of those accomplishments. The Brotherhood opposed peace with Israel and Sadat’s shifting of Egypt’s Cold War allegiance from the Soviet Union to the United States.

The move is an additional sign of trouble for Israeli-Egyptian relations already strained over the past week by the loss of Egypt’s military leadership who favored the honoring of Egypt’s international obligations, and the fact that Egypt has broken off all communications with Israel. All this exactly one week after Morsi declared that all international obligations and treaties would be respected and as Egypt engages in a military build-up in the Sinai.

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