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U.S. Cairo Embassy Fights With Muslim Brotherhood Over Twitter

U.S. Cairo Embassy Fights With Muslim Brotherhood Over Twitter

The United States embassy in Cairo let the Muslim Brotherhood know via Twitter that they can also read Arabic after the MB used its English-language account to give sympathy to the embassy while its Arabic-language account cheered on the violent protests. 

This reconciliatory tweet, however, was posted while the Brotherhood’s Arabic-language Twitter account and its official website were both praising the protests — staged against a US-made film judged defamatory towards Islam — and calling for a million man march on Friday.

One Arabic language article on the Brotherhood’s site sported the headline ‘Egyptians rise to defend the Prophet’.

Noting the contradiction, the US Embassy in Cairo tweeted a tart response from its own account: “Thanks. By the way, have you checked out your own Arabic feeds? I hope you know we read those too.”

Seemingly stung, the Brotherhood replied some 20 minutes later, saying “we understand you’re under a lot of stress, but it will be more helpful if you point out exactly the Arabic feed of concern.”

It took the Muslim Brotherhood’s Egyptian President Morsi two days to condemn the storming of the embassy’s walls. The Obama administration has currently answered yes and no as to whether or not Morsi is an American ally. 


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