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Hamad Al-Majid: West Must Control 'Maniac' Filmmakers

Hamad Al-Majid: West Must Control 'Maniac' Filmmakers

Hamad Al-Majid, a former member of the Saudi National Organization for Human Rights, is warning the West to control its own “fanatics” and “maniacs” if it wants to prevent attacks from Islamist extremists. 

Of course, the “fanatics” Al-Majid has in mind are “the producers of ‘Innocence of Muslims,'” a film which he describes as “ridiculous” and “utterly unconvincing.” Nonetheless, he argues that the film came down “like an axe… on the heads of all Muslims around the world.” And because of this, “no one can blame the tidal wave of anger that swept the Muslim world from its depths to its heights.”

Al-Majid says that “unless the West can deter its own maniacs from provocative acts, it will be almost impossible for the countries of the Islamic world to deter their own extremists.” 

He claims the smartest thing countries in the Islamic world can do at this point is “pressure the countries of the West to enact the laws that criminalize insulting religions and their symbols.” No word if such laws would also criminalize burning down churches, banning Bibles, or punishing Muslims who convert to Christianity. 


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