White House Scapegoating of Christian Filmmaker Backfires In Pakistan

White House Scapegoating of Christian Filmmaker Backfires In Pakistan

From everything we’ve learned since the murder of our Libyan Ambassador, Chris Stevens, two weeks ago on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, the White House has done nothing but lie to the American people and our compliant media. We were told that a spontaneous protest over an anti-Muslim film resulted in the death of Stevens and three other Americans. Now it looks as though Stevens was targeted and assassinated in a pre-planned attack by al-Qaeda.

We’ve also learned that the Libyan government, intelligence reports, and al-Qaeda itself warned of these attacks in advance, and yet there were no extra security precautions taken. My God, there weren’t even Marines stationed there.

From where I see things, in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, the White House was desperate to ensure this story was never allowed to crystallize into what it is: A preventable terrorist that resulted in the death of three Americans and the first assassination of an American ambassador since 1979.

To prevent this damaging story from being told, what the White House and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did instead was to blame the movie and “Emmanuel Goldstein” the Christian filmmaker behind the anti-Islam film. The White House needed a scapegoat, someone to burden the blame — so why not some hapless Christian filmmaker?

Think about it: he was  the perfect patsy; the perfect distraction. If we blame him and his film, we won’t ask the White House and State Department questions. You know, questions about security lapses and advance warnings and lies.

And every step along the way, the lapdog media plays right along. The story has yet to crystallize because the corrupt media refuses to connect the dots.

And The Big Lie continues. As recently as yesterday in his Univision interview, rather than answer a direct question about the security failures in Libya, President Obama went on a longwinded distraction-a-thon about the movie.

And The Big Lie continues. At the cost of $70,000, the State Department is presently running ads in Pakistan that show Obama and Clinton disavowing and condemning the film.

And now it’s all backfired.

In case you haven’t heard, and if you count on the corrupt media for information you probably haven’t, Pakistan — you know, our ally Pakistan? — has exploded in a rage that has already cost 17 lives.  Moreover, Pakistan — you know our ally Pakistan? — called for this day of protest by giving the country the day off to take it to the streets.

And now it makes sense that much of this rage might actually be over the movie. But how many tens of millions of Muslims didn’t know about the film before our government and media poured every ounce of publicity they had into scapegoating it?

How would things look today if the media and White House reported the Libyan story honestly — reported what they knew when they knew it? Could it be that things might look a little calmer had the American government not ginned up the biggest publicity in the world to create their “Emmanuel Goldstein?”

The “two minute hate” has now extended to weeks and dozens of countries. The State Department’s disgraceful Pakistani commercial denouncing the film hasn’t just failed to quell violence, it’s probably worsened it.  

But maybe that was the whole idea. You see, now that the film really is causing havoc, that helps backfill the White House’s Libyan lie, doesn’t it?



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