CNN: Libya Ambassador Diary Showed Worries About Benghazi Security

CNN: Libya Ambassador Diary Showed Worries About Benghazi Security

According to CNN, four days after the murder of US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, their reporters found his journal lying on the floor of the consulate. CNN, it says, “notified Stevens’ family about the journal within hours after it was discovered and at the family’s request provided it to them via a third party. The journal consists of just seven pages of handwriting in a hard-bound book.”

CNN did not report that it had access to the journal; instead, they used the newsworthy information within it for “tips about the situation in Libya, and in Benghazi in particular.” What did they find? According to a source who corroborated the diary, Stevens worried in the months before his murder “about what he called the security threats in Benghazi and a rise in Islamic extremism.”

The security situation at the Benghazi consulate was a mess of epic proportions. According to Breitbart News sources, the Obama administration tasked an unarmed British firm with protection of the consulate in order to keep a “low profile” in the country:

In essence, the Obama Administration tasked an unarmed British firm with security responsibilities that should have been handled by armed American servicemen, and it was all approved by the Secretary of State. Needless to say, the plan failed and an Ambassador was murdered, along with several others. 

Ambassador Stevens himself worried about the security situation. And the State Department should have worried, too. That’s why after the fact, the Obama administration continued to describe the attacks as “spontaneous” uprisings in response to a YouTube video – doing so allowed them to avoid blame for failing to protect our ambassador in a terror-ridden area that even the ambassador worried about.


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