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NATO: Afghanistan Military Surge a Failure

NATO: Afghanistan Military Surge a Failure

The U.S. troop surge in Afghanistan has come and gone, and not much has changed since Obama initiated it in 2009, according to data released by NATO. The Taliban’s momentum has not been stopped and attacks on our troops are actually higher than they were before the surge began.

In August 2009, U.S. and allied troops were attacked approximately 2,700 times. In August 2012, that figure was nearly 3,000. In August 2009, insurgents used slightly less than 600 IEDs against US and allied troops. In August 2012, they used just over 600. And the list goes on… 

Such comparisons “hold for every other month in 2009 compared to every month in 2012 for which there is data.”

During the 2008 campaign, Obama made it clear that Iraq was Bush’s war — a war that America never should have fought — while Afghanistan was the war America had to win. But according to NATO, we have not won.


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