Thai Protesters at US Embassy over Anti-Muslim Film

Thai Protesters at US Embassy over Anti-Muslim Film

Sept. 27 – Thai Muslims target the Bangkok U.S. embassy and YouTube’s owner Google in their attempts to have clips from an anti-Muslim film removed online. Travis Brecher reports.

Hundreds of Thai Muslims gather in front of the United States embassy in Bangkok on Thursday.

It’s the third time they’ve gathered here over the last few weeks to protest against an anti-Islam film.

While the protest appeared heated at times, there were no incidents of violence.

These demonstrators are calling on video sharing website YouTube to take down the film from their sites, and for the movie to be banned world-wide.

They marched to the Thailand offices of YouTube’s owner Google, where a Google representative accepted letters and petitions of protest, saying he’ll pass them on to the head office.


The 13-minute English-language video, which was filmed in California and circulated on the Internet under several titles, including “Innocence of Muslims”, portrays the Prophet Mohammad engaged in crude and offensive behavior.

The YouTube site has been blocked by several countries with majority Muslim populations.


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