Fact Check: Retired Army Major Calls BS (Literally) on Obama Surrogate's Libya Claims

Fact Check: Retired Army Major Calls BS (Literally) on Obama Surrogate's Libya Claims

During an Oct. 14 appearance on Meet the Press, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) tried to take the heat off Obama/Biden by claiming that the requests for security in Libya were not made for Benghazi but for Tripoli. 

One day later (October 15), retired U.S. Army Major Mike Faessler responded to Granholm’s inaccurate claim with the following email:

Gov Granholm:

Just so you know – you are 100% incorrect in your statement. That’s a polite way of saying that a) you have your head up your ass..and b) you either have no clue what you are talking about, or have chosen to intentionally lie for the Administration. I suspect the latter.

I’ve spent 24 years in uniform; lived/worked 14 years abroad, including multiple occasions in US Embassies working sensitive security issues! Get your facts straight.

Respond if you have a pair.



MAJ, US Army, Retired

To this rather candid challenge, Granholm responded that her source was a New York Times article. She also addressed what she interpreted as rudeness on Faessler’s part:

Mr. Faessler:

1. The New York Times story from Saturday states the security request was for Tripoli, not Benghazi:

2. Thank you for your service to our country. I have deep respect for those who serve our nation. But I’m surprised by the language and tone of your message, especially as someone who has served our country. We can disagree without being disrespectful and crude, one would hope.

Jennifer Granholm

Faessler responded:

Gov. Granholm

If your source is the NYT story from Saturday and YOU think they are credible, then there [are] even more problems with your statement than I originally thought.

Try reading the transcripts of the testimony given to congress by RSO Eric Nordstrom and LTC Wood. Then, if you still don’t get it — call them up for an interview on background, as to how the system works, to get the facts that when an RSO requests security it’s for ALL of his jurisdictional responsibilities. Like in the Pablo Escobar days, when I was first posted to US Embassy in Colombia, and the RSO (and all of his resources, even with augmentations) didn’t think they could keep AMB Busby alive, due to threats and increased risks. So, AMB Busby had to actually leave country for 3 weeks.

But, the RSO had responsibility for ALL embassy employees, families, and visitors in country, operating throughout the whole country. Again, the entire country.

…If you really wanted to be accurate about your statement, you might have considered doing that background BEFORE you went on live TV. If you are truly a patriot, and concerned with the truth, then you have an opportunity NOW to do your homework, and amend your statement. 

I apologize if my words appear harsh. I went to West Point, where we internalized Duty, Honor, Country, and the ethics of “don’t lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.” And, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. People like me are quite tired of all of the BS, spin and lies from the progressive/socialist in the White House. My doc says I might have rectal cancer: likely as a result of all the smoke being blown up my ass!

Ma’am, also thanking you for your service to our country, and having the guts to respond! Good on you!



At the the time of posting, Gov. Granholm still hadn’t amended or otherwise clarified her statement, according to Faessler.