Obama Admin Gave Classifed Info to bin Laden Filmmakers

Obama Admin Gave Classifed Info to bin Laden Filmmakers

The Obama administration is now countering itself and admitting classified information may have been divulged to filmmakers creating the film on SEAL Team Six’s raid on Osama bin Laden.

Although the Obama White House claims, “We did not discuss classified information,” various Obama administration officials say that may not be accurate. As a matter for fact, Obama officials have stated “in sworn court documents” that information released to the makers of  the film Zero Dark Thirty could cause an “unnecessary security and counterintelligence risk.”

For example, Associate Deputy Counsel General Mark Herrington testified that the identities of operatives involved in the bin Laden raid “would be threatened” if “publicly disclosed.” Then he admitted in testimony that Under Secretary of Defense Mike Vickers “released one of the names to” Zero Dark Thirty filmmakers. 

The Obama administration has countered this claim by saying it “protected the operatives’ confidentiality by asking filmmakers not to share their names,” yet no one can produce evidence of a non-disclosure agreement which binds the filmmakers to secrecy under law. 

The bottom line — once Zero Dark Thirty appears in theaters, some of our best and bravest may be put at risk.