Nasrallah Wants Oil Embargo Against US

Nasrallah Wants Oil Embargo Against US

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is trying to trigger an Arab oil embargo of the United States so the US will use its leverage to force Israel to stop attacking Gaza.

 Nasrallah stated:

The US can, if it wants to, stop the aggression on Gaza by making a simple phone call. Arabs should exert pressure by decreasing the amount of oil exported, or by increasing the price of oil, thus, the economies of Western countries would be threatened and pressure would [force] the US and Israel to stop the aggression on Gaza.

But Nasrallah wasn’t through with his analysis of Israel; he bragged that Israel had changed its tactics from its war against Hezbollah in 2006:

We notice that the enemy has benefited from its previous aggressions; it benefited from its 2006 attack on Lebanon. The enemy announces a group of objectives from their aggression that do not match its real objectives, so that if they lose the battle they can say that they reached their goals.

Making sure the other Arab countries wouldn’t be miffed that Nasrallah was instructing them on how to do business, he concluded, “We do not want to embarrass anyone or outbid anyone, but the Arab and Muslims countries must take a firm stance.”