White House Admits Ceasefire 'Tenuous'

White House Admits Ceasefire 'Tenuous'

Today, the White House admitted that the ceasefire that President Obama triumphantly waved before the world is “tenuous.”

“The way we view this is that it’s an important step,” said a senior White House official to ABC News, “but our concerns are Egypt can’t control all of Hamas, and Hamas doesn’t control every extremist with a rocket in Gaza. So there is a tenuous nature to this.”

Tenuous is the understatement of the century. Since the so-called ceasefire, more than 20 rockets have rained down on Israel from the Gaza Strip. But that’s not the Obama administration’s agenda at this point: all they care about is legitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt, for which they’re largely responsible. So even as Egypt continues to make noises about supporting Hamas, the White House praises Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi. According to Obama, Morsi “was being pragmatic. He wanted to get to yes.”

Well, of course he did. Israel has largely crippled Hamas’ military infrastructure. By brokering a ceasefire, Egypt saved Hamas’ bacon and made itself an international player at the same time. All thanks to Obama and Hamas. Only Israel finds itself in the awkward position of defending itself against rocket attacks and then being forced into a ceasefire.