Israel Defense Chief: No More Gaza Rockets 'or Else'

Israel Defense Chief: No More Gaza Rockets 'or Else'

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz told new Israeli recruits in the Israel Defense Force that there was a zero tolerance policy for Gaza rockets now; saying there would be no rocket fire from Gaza, “or else.”  Gantz said:

The quiet will continue, and if not, we will resume our operations on whatever level is necessary. The IDF’s power of deterrence will be tested over time, and I think it is in our hands [to reinforce the message] we have achieved the goals of the operation.

Asked about Hamas rearming itself with arms from Iran, Gantz said that Iranian support of Hamas isn’t new, and the IDF would continue to disrupt Hamas rearming.

When queried about the concern of reservists about the lack of bomb shelters in IDF bases and deployment centers, Gantz reassured the recruits that the army was investigating the issue.