78 Senators Ask President Obama to Support Israel

78 Senators Ask President Obama to Support Israel

Before President Obama left for his trip to Israel, 78 Senators called on him to stand by the Jewish State.

They did so by signing a letter “spearheaded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee” (AIPAC). 

The letter asked Obama to warn the Palestinians “not to use their new status as a U.N. observer state to take action against Israel.” It also warned the Palestinians against taking action against Israel in the International Criminal Court.

Two leading signatories to the letter, Sens. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) stressed that the U.S “must not tolerate efforts to isolate or de-legitimize  Israel.”

The Senators asked Obama to “reiterate America’s commitment to Israel” while visiting the Jewish State. They suggested that one of the ways to this is through “funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system.”