Not a Coup but a Revolution

Not a Coup but a Revolution

During the 2011 Egyptian revolution Obama showed full support for ‘democracy’ by supporting the protests to overthrow Mubarak. Now we see the largest mass demonstration in human history and it seems Obama has changed his position on standing for democracy. What we have seen in the Egyptian revolution are Obama’s true colors. Obama is not for democracy because if he were, he would be with the 30 million Egyptian people who risked their lives to go to the street in an overall peaceful protest standing for freedom, liberty and equal rights. Obama has taken the side of the terrorists against the basic values that America espouses. This seems to be the new Obama doctrine that we have seen in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and now Syria. 

I was on the streets on Wednesday celebrating with the Egyptian people; experiencing history in the making. People were ecstatic, overjoyed and free. The spirit of liberation and freedom was flowing through the streets. Everybody was united, Muslim and Christian alike. People were chanting “Muslim and Christian, united in one hand” and showing the cross and crescent together representing that both religions can live in peace. 

History was made. It was true liberation, true freedom, nothing I had ever experienced before. It reminded me of what America represents and the values that so many have given for our country, for our freedoms that we take for granted.

When people asked me where I was from, I was hesitant. I knew that the Egyptian people were extremely angry with the policies of the United States supporting the repressive Muslim Brotherhood, so I quietly would say “America” but then quickly follow with “I am with you” and “congratulations”. The immediate reaction when I said America was a frown, and people would ask “why…why is America supporting the Muslim Brotherhood?” They can’t figure it out. I would answer with “I am sorry…I do not know”. Obama has managed to taint the reputation of America in Egypt and around the world.

That night I couldn’t believe this had happened; the Egyptian military had taken the lead and were cracking down on the Muslim Brotherhood members. I was so proud of the Army, so proud of the Egyptian people. They took the lead in fighting the global war on terror that every country in this world is affected by, and Egypt had led the way. The whole international community should be so proud and grateful to the Egyptian people and the Army for what they did the last couple of days.  The line on what side you are on is clear: with terrorism or against terrorism.

Since Wednesday, anxiety has now filled the streets of Egypt; roads are closed as continuous clashes occur between the opposition and supporters of former President Morsi, 36 people were killed on Friday and 34 reported killed yesterday. A Coptic Priest was killed on Saturday. This new shift in the atmosphere is due to the Obama Administration giving credence and legitimacy to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama has done all he can to try to kill the revolution and the spirit of freedom and liberty from the Egyptian people, but he has not succeeded. He has clearly taken the side of the repressive Muslim Brotherhood regime against the values of human rights and equality.

The world has seen in black and white where President Obama stands, and it is clearly with the terrorists; the same terrorists that share the ideology of those that killed thousands of Americans on 9-11, killed thousands of our troops in Iraq, and are killing our troops in Afghanistan today.

Mona Barakat is a correspondent for the American Middle Eastern Coalition for Freedom currently in Egypt.