Chinese General's Son Charged in Gang Rape

Chinese General's Son Charged in Gang Rape

Chinese General Li Shuangjiang’s son Li Tianyi “is among five suspects who allegedly gang-raped a woman in a hotel” in February. 

The AFP reports Tianyi has been charged with rape, and this is not the first time he has been part of controversy.

In 2011 he and another teenager were both driving “expensive cars” when they “attacked a couple who reportedly blocked their passage, while the [couple’s] child looked on.” It was not until after widespread online coverage of the crime that Tianyi “was sent to a correctional facility for one year.” General Shuangjiang apologized. 

These actions and the manner in which sentences were handed down has only added to the growing resentment in China “towards the children of powerful families and wealthy families viewed as living extravagantly or above the law.”

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