Clinton State Dept Bureau Accused of Secrecy, Cronyism

Clinton State Dept Bureau Accused of Secrecy, Cronyism

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Bureau of International Information Programs (BIIP) is facing allegations of cronyism and secrecy as it searches for a new coordinator in the wake of Clinton’s departure.

A Washington Examiner story first reported that this particular bureau originally made a name for itself by blowing $630,000 on Facebook “likes.” Now, it stands accused of maintaining an “atmosphere of secrecy, suspicion, and uncertainty” by the Inspector General (IG), according to a report from Foreign Policy

In fact, the IG described the BIIP’s atmosphere as “toxic.”

And while the correct approach may seem to be reorganizing the entire BIIP to move it away from the mess that Clinton left behind, there are reports that “employees already complain of ‘reorganization fatigue’ from previous attempts to reorganize.”

The BIIP plans to announce a new coordinator next month. 

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