House Intel Chairman Disputes Claims CIA Personnel Were Polygraphed

House Intel Chairman Disputes Claims CIA Personnel Were Polygraphed

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) countered allegations from a CNN report that CIA personnel were being polygraphed in order to intimidate those with information about the deadly attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi almost one year ago.

“We looked into this months ago. We looked again this week and we can’t find any factual basis for what the allegations are,” Rogers told Breitbart News on Friday. “If it’s there, we are encouraging people to come forward. We have not been able to prove that’s accurate.” He later added, “I just haven’t found any allegations I’ve heard recently. I have not been able to find evidence that collaborates that.”

Rogers, a former FBI agent and a member of Congress’ Super Eight, a group of lawmakers in both chambers who receive regular briefings from the White House on the latest and most sensitive national security issues, told Breitbart News, “We’ve got the CIA to send a letter of release to all of the individuals in Benghazi. This is important–to say if you want to come talk to us, come talk to us.” 

“We have had conversations with people on the ground subsequent to that,” he explained. “So we’re working through all of these issues.”

Rogers believes there is no “factual evidence of any allegation” to issue a subpoena of any individual as of now, telling Breitbart News he has not been able to find enough evidence to do it.

“We’re not done. We’re still looking. We’ll have a few more interviews to do,” Rogers said. “If feel I need to subpoena, I’ll do it. I haven’t found yet a case where we wanted to talk to somebody and I couldn’t talk to that individual. If the agency decides they don’t want me talking to an individual, I’ll guarantee there will be a subpoena.”

The Michigan Republican continues to maintain he saw no evidence of any gun smuggling operation in Libya, regardless of the claims from the reports at CNN and the U.K. Telegraph, saying that his committee investigated that issue already as well.

“We have found no evidence that shows any of the intelligence agencies that I oversee were engaged in any gunrunning operations and again if there is somebody and we have talked to a lot of people, and if there is somebody out there that has information to the contrary, please, pick up the phone and call us,” Rogers said.

“I’m an old FBI guy. I have seen no scrap of evidence,” he explained. “If they were doing it, I want to find it. It would be illegal for them to do it. I would be happy to find it if it was there, but it’s my job to find the evidence and the truth.” 

“I have yet to find that evidence,” he claimed. “If they have something that we haven’t seen or someone we have not yet talked to and we have talked to a lot of people, including the people on the ground, please bring it forward and bring it to our committee.”