Egypt's Military-Backed Government Considers Ban on Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt's Military-Backed Government Considers Ban on Muslim Brotherhood

As the fourth day of clashes between Egypt’s military and pro-Mohamed Morsi supporters continued, that country’s “military-backed government” began investigating “the legal possibilities of dissolving [the Muslim Brotherhood].”

According to the Associated Press, Egyptian “Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi… assigned the Ministry of Social Solidarity” to looking into options for doing away with the group.

The irony is that just over a month ago Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood was running the show in Egypt. But Morsi has not been seen since the military ousted him on July 3, and over the last four days that same military has been trying to clear away pro-Morsi encampments around Egypt’s capitol. 

The news of a possible outright ban on the Muslim Brotherhood comes as another blow to Obama’s far-less-than-stellar foreign policy record. In this week alone we’ve learned that calls for a “peaceful” transition from Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel have gone unheeded by Egypt’s military. On top of this we learned that Obama didn’t even find out the extent of violence in Egypt until August 15–the day after 149 people died in clashes between the military and pro-Morsi supporters. 

Add to this the fact that Obama supported Morsi as president, and it is evident that Egypt is making its own decisions about which path to take going forward, regardless of the White House’s wishes.

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