India Gang Rape Suspect to Police: Gang Has Done This Before

India Gang Rape Suspect to Police: Gang Has Done This Before

Vijay Jadhav, one of the five suspects in the Mumbai, India gang rape case, told police this is not the first crime the five have committed. They were able to get away with those other crimes.

Jadhav told the police the men would record video clips to intimidate their victims,  and they tried it on the photojournalist. Investigators are trying to validate his statement.

Last Thursday, a 22-year-old female photojournalist and male colleague were in an isolated corner of Mumbai’s business hub. The five men told them they could get them permission to shoot in one of the abandoned buildings. Inside the building, two of the men, posing as policemen, accused the colleague of taking part in a local crime. They tied him up and took turns raping the woman.

It did not end there. From The Times of India:

After the crime, they walked her and her colleague to the Mahalaxmi station. This was around 7.30 pm. There, they took her pictures and threatened to make her ordeal public were she to complain to the police. The survivor and her colleague went to Jaslok Hospital and informed her mother as well as her boss. The police were informed from the hospital and an FIR filed around midnight.

The photojournalist is recovering at a local hospital.