Exclusive–Eyewitness: Muslim Brotherhood Is 'Finished' in Egypt

Exclusive–Eyewitness: Muslim Brotherhood Is 'Finished' in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood is “finished” in Egypt, a witness to the tumultuous events told Breitbart News. Mostafa el-Gindy, a leading opposition figure to both President Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood, said it was the Egyptian people that removed them from power, not the military or police. 

“40 million Egyptians in the street removed them from power,” Gindy said. 

“They had everything,” Gindy continued. “They had the government, the military, the police. They had Washington. They had London. But, they lost the people.”

Gindy noted that 40 million people took to the streets before the military and police moved to remove President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood from power. “40 million! 40 million went to the streets and said, ‘Give us early elections.’ Morsi said no. Morsi, then had to go.”

“This was not a coup,” Gindy continued. “Coups happen at night, when people are sleeping. This was in the day, with 40 million Egyptians in the streets. This was a revolution.”

Gindy can speak to these events with authority, as he played a key role in the opposition to Mubarak and the Brotherhood. He is a former member of the Egyptian Parliament and vice-Chair of the Pan-African Congress. He was a lead organizer of the protests that drove Mubarak from power. After Morsi rewrote the Constitution amid strong public opposition and conferred on himself powers beyond judicial review, Gindy again took to the streets. 

For eight months, when he wasn’t in hiding, Gindy lived in a tent in Tahiri Square, the center of protests in both revolutions. From there, he organized rallies, protests, and demonstrations. He survived several attempts on his life, but, unfortunately, saw many of his friends die. 

“The Muslim Brotherhood united the Egyptian people,” Gindy said. “They united Muslims and Christians. But, they united them against the Brotherhood.”

On Monday, an Egyptian court banned the Muslim Brotherhood and ordered all its assets seized. Many observers see this as a temporary setback, as the Brotherhood was outlawed for much of its existence in Egypt. Gindy says that is wrong. “No. They are finished. The people know now what shits they are.”

Gindy said that within 15 days of Morsi’s removal from power, 90% of the Brotherhood leadership were apprehended. “It wasn’t the police,” Gindy said. “It was the people. A street worker, a janitor, a barber would see one of them and call the police. They would report them. They have no place to hide anymore.”

Gindy thinks Americans underestimate the impact of the Brotherhood’s downfall. “They are everything in the region,” Gindy said. “They got people against each other. They were the head of the octopus. Now they are gone.”


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