Iran Rejects US Peace Conditions for Syria

Iran Rejects US Peace Conditions for Syria

Iran has rejected U.S. preconditions for “taking part in a long delayed peace conference on Syria.” This means Iran is not backing a U.S. call “for a transitional government in Damascus.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, on October 7 the U.S. State Department said it would be “more open” to Iran taking part in a conference seeking an end to war in Syria if Iran “would support a 2012 statement calling for a transitional government in Syria.”

This statement arose from an agreement calling for “a transitional government to be chosen by the Damascus government” with the consent of the Syrian opposition. 

On October 9, Iran rejected these conditions: “If our participation is in the interest of achieving a solution, it will be unacceptable to set conditions for inviting the Islamic Republican of Iran and we accept no conditions.”

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