World: U.S. Greatest Threat to Peace Under Obama

World: U.S. Greatest Threat to Peace Under Obama

Remember when the election of Barack Obama was perceived as incentive for the world to love America and bring peace to the world? The Guardian posted a series of pictures of individuals celebrating Obama’s reelection titled, “From smiles to sandcastles: the world welcomes Obama’s election victory – in pictures: People celebrate around the world after Obama is elected as US president for a second term.”

The dirty little secret is out; under Obama’s reign, the world now believes the U.S. is the world’s greatest threat to peace. Our image is so bad that the runner-up, Pakistan, only received 8% of the total aggregate vote for world’s most dangerous country, far behind the 24% of respondents vilifying the United States. China was third at 6%, followed by North Korea, Iran and Israel which all got 5%.

Islamic countries polled were vehement about the U.S. and Israel being the greatest threat: Algeria voted U.S. 37%, Israel 22%; Indonesia, U.S. 34%, Israel 27%; Malaysia, U.S. 25%, Israel, 22%; Iraq, Israel 24%, U.S. 21%; Lebanon, Israel 41%, U.S. 23%; Morocco, Israel 45%, U.S. 17%; and Tunisia, Israel 38%, U.S. 27%. Iran and Egypt were not polled, which probably kept the anti-U.S. sentiment even lower than it could have been

Sixty-five countries were polled by Win/Gallup International, and the anti-American sentiment was strong in traditional foes Russia, 54%, and China, 49%, but also in  supposed allies such as NATO partners Greece and Turkey 45% apiece, and Pakistan, (which is the large recipient of American largesse) at 44% percent.

The list continues with Bosnia, looking to join the EU, at 49% , Argentina, 46%,  Mexico, 37%, Brazil, 26%, and Peru, 24% (24 percent). Even in the Ukraine, which saw pro-Europe/anti-Russian demonstrations in November, 33% of respondents chose the U.S. with only 5% choosing Russia. Germany? The U.S. topped the list at 17%, even ahead of Iran at 16%. Spain? The U.S. came in at 25%, while 11% voted for North Korea and 10% for Iran.

How about Great Britain, whose national icon, Winston Churchill, was put in his place when Obama removed his bust from the White House? The U.S. tied Iran for the top spot at 15%.


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