U.S. Seeks 'Decades' in Prison for 'Jihad Jane'

U.S. Seeks 'Decades' in Prison for 'Jihad Jane'

As sentencing draws near for Colleen LaRose, a Pennsylvania woman who calls herself Jihad Jane, the U.S. is seeking “decades” of imprisonment for her and a Maryland accomplice.

Since her arrest, LaRose has provided “very significant” information to U.S. authorities regarding various terrorism investigations. Nonetheless, Reuters reports that prosecutors are seeking “decades behind bars” when LaRose is sentenced in Philadelphia on Monday. 

LaRose took part in “a 2009 plot to kill Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist who offended many Muslims by drawing the Prophet Mohammed on the head of a dog.”

Her accomplice Mohammed Hassan Khalid was a teenager at the time, but is now 20 years old. “U.S guidelines call for LaRose to receive a life sentence and for Khalid…to receive 15 years.”

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