Revealed: Muammar Gaddafi's Secret Rape Dungeons

Revealed: Muammar Gaddafi's Secret Rape Dungeons

Two years ago, murderous Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was finally deposed and killed by his long abused and oppressed people. Now, the BBC has taken a look at Libya’s many “rape dungeons” where Gaddafi abused hundreds, perhaps thousands of Libyan teens during his 40-year reign of terror.

BBC4 is debuting a documentary on Gaddafi that reveals the full extent of the dictator’s depraved lifestyle and the many hundreds of teens abused and murdered by him and others in his regime.

Gaddafi, or as he liked to be called “the Colonel,” spent years touring schools and colleges in the Africa nation ostensibly to give inspiring speeches. However, the speeches were only a pretense for nabbing attractive young teen girls and holding them in specially-constructed prisons where they would be held for his pleasure.

His process was to wade in among his audience after giving his speeches and pat on the head those girls he wanted his secret police to grab up after he left. Later, the girls would mysteriously disappear and often never be seen alive again.

The girls, and sometimes even teen boys, were taken to special prisons constructed in such places as Tripoli University or secreted in Gaddafi’s many mansions and palaces. These secluded, windowless prisons, often sporting bad 70s-like decor, also contained medical facilities where victims were examined for venereal diseases before being handed over to the dictator and his lieutenants. It was also where girls were given abortions if they had become pregnant afterwards.

Many girls were held in these sex dens for years at a time. The lucky ones escaped or lived through their ordeals but many were abused so badly that they were left for dead in the streets.

The full extent of Gaddafi’s depravity has been scrupulously hidden even after his demise by Libyans afraid of reprisals by his still living subordinates.

One woman who was lucky to have survived Gaddafi’s attacks described how she was abducted by a cadre of uniformed women, taken to one of his sex dungeons, examined, cleaned, forced to don revealing clothing, then ushered into a room where the dictator raped her.

“I will never forget that first time, that moment,” the woman told the BBC. “He violated my body and pierced my soul with a dagger. That blade will never come out.”

This woman was held captive for seven years and lived through her ordeal only because she eventually escaped through a door accidentally left unlocked.

The sick-minded ruler constantly surrounded himself with a corps of attractive, uniformed women and the BBC documentary reveals that despite their special status, these women were also the victims of constant sexual assaults by Gaddafi and his henchmen.

After the fall of his stronghold in Tripoli in August of 2011, Gaddafi was discovered by rebel forces hiding in a drainage pipe near the city of Sirte, west of Tripoli. Not long afterward, it seems he was shot and killed by the rebels. Exact details of his death are now impossible to determine.


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