Alabama Family Adopts Four Ukrainian Children During Violent Protests

Alabama Family Adopts Four Ukrainian Children During Violent Protests

Some good came out of a very violent week in Kiev, Ukraine.

David and Lisa Bundy of Montgomery, AL, traveled to Kiev during the worst week of the three month protest to pick up four orphans they adopted. Their apartment was only a half-mile from Independence Square, which was home to thousands of protesters.

They adopted 16-year-old Nastia, 14-year-old Karina, 11-year-old Max and 9-year-old Alla.

On February 18th, the violence escalated and by the end of the week over 70 people were killed. Video caught snipers shooting unarmed protesters. Homemade bombs were being thrown by protesters. It did not calm down until President Viktor Yanukovich reached a deal with the opposition.

The Bundys tried to keep their new family calm as bombs exploded outside and bullets went past their window. They could hear everything at the Square.

“It was a constant boom, boom, boom,” said David Bundy in an interview at the couple’s Montgomery home Monday, a day after he returned with three of the children. “It was three or four explosions every 10 seconds.”

The couple could not have kids of their own and explored international adoption after frustration trying to adopt in America.

In the summer of 2013, the couple volunteered with Bridges of Faith, a program that brings orphans from Ukraine to Alabama for a month of cultural enrichment. Through the program, they met Nastia and made plans to adopt her. Later, they met Karina and her siblings and decided their home could handle four children.

“Something felt very right about them being with us,” Bundy said.

It was so dangerous David returned early with the three youngest kids while Lisa stayed behind until Natsia’s adoption was finalized. They moved to the outskirts of Kiev and the atmosphere is a lot calmer, but they are worried there will be delays because of the interim government.

The family hopes Lisa and Natsia will be home on time so they can have a belated Christmas. David and the other kids put up the tree and Max found the Christmas presents. They cannot wait to welcome their big sister to their home.


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