VIDEO: IDF Raid on Ship Carrying Missiles Bound for Gaza

VIDEO: IDF Raid on Ship Carrying Missiles Bound for Gaza

On Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released exclusive footage detailing the interception of a Gaza Strip-bound shipment of Syrian-made heavy weaponry. The shipment originated in Syria, made its way to Iran, and was set to be unloaded in Sudan. 

It is believed the Iranian regime’s elite unit, the Quds Force, is responsible for orchestrating the failed operation. From Sudan, the heavy weapons were reportedly going to be smuggled through the Sinai dessert of Egypt and into the Gaza Strip through terrorist-controlled underground tunnel networks.

The Gaza Strip is controlled by Hamas, a US State department-recognized international terrorist organization. Between 2012-2013, nearly 250 separate rocket attacks on Israel were fired out of Gaza.

The Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) version of the U.S. Navy SEALs, the Shayetet-13, is seen boarding the vessel. The ship, named the Klos C, is seen flying the flag of Panama. The video shows the heavily armed IDF soldiers taking the utmost of precautions. Although the IDF team was granted permission to board the ship, the threat of armed resistance and surprises is alive and well. In 2010, six ships, part what was known as the “Gaza Freedom Frotilla,” tried to ram through the Israeli-Egypt blockade of Gaza. When Israeli soldiers borded the “Freedom Flotillas”, they faced armed resistance and aggression from dozens of Turkish nationals, resulting in multiple deaths.

Israel’s intelligence turned out to be correct, resulting in the discovery of dozens of B-302 missiles. The missiles are capable of hitting a target as far as 125 miles away, well within range of all of Israel’s most populated cities. The operation took place in the Red Sea in international waters between the countries of Sudan and Eritrea. “The operation was made possible by high-quality inter-community intelligence and high operative capabilities of the IDF… The IDF will continue to take action against the regional arms race that Iran is leading in order to set fire to the region, and will use all of the capabilities it possesses to secure the safety of the citizens of Israel,” said the spokesman of the Israel Defense Forces.

This week, President Obama requested that the US cut foreign aid directly stipulated for Israel’s missile defense program by 200 million dollars.