North Korean Media Outlet Hurls Insults at South Korean President

North Korean Media Outlet Hurls Insults at South Korean President

In a three-part series of outrageous invectives that seem over-the-top even for North Korean state media, the newspaper Rodong Sinmun is accusing South Korean President Park Geun-Hye of lying about their healthcare program, inflicting “malignant abuses” upon North Korea, and generally being an “ugly old maid.”

The series, titled “We Accuse Park the Bitch,” appears in the official state newspaper and has three chapters: “Delirium of Cold-Blooded Animal,” “Old Cat Groaning in Her Sickbed,” and “Greenhorn’s Babbling.” 

Only the first article appears to accuse Park Geun-Hye of cruelty, claiming that she visited North Korea’s Pyongyang Maternity Hospital in 2002 and lied about the quality of care she found there. Kim Jong Hui, allegedly a doctor at the hospital, is quoted as dismissing the idea that a childless woman could critique a hospital. “It is really ridiculous that such a cold-blooded animal talked about human affairs, feigning to be concerned about our women and children,” he allegedly tells the newspaper. “It would make even a cat laugh.” The article accuses the President of being such a terrible world leader that “childbirth inflicts pain” on women in South Korea.

The second chapter accuses Park Geun-Hye of being President George W. Bush’s “witch sister” and disparaging North Korea during an unspecified “recent trip to some countries.” Kim Hyok, described as a student, writes, “She is a pumpkin, a witch full of hatred for her fellow countrymen.”

The third chapter is, somehow, even less coherent. Author Kang Man Chol attacks President Park Geun-Hye for complimenting Germany on a recent trip there. “How reckless and crazy this old girl is!” the author writes of such a transgression. Complimenting Germany, he claims, means that she supports the reunification of Korea, just as she supports the modern, unified state of Germany. 

It is difficult to fully grasp the depths of venom released in these editorials, even taking into consideration past invectives from North Korea. Below is a list of all the insults hurled at President Park Geun-Hye in the three articles:

  • “bitch”
  • “cold-blooded animal”
  • “chameleon”
  • “dotard”
  • “lunatic”
  • “never married, nor given birth to child”
  • “idiot”
  • “wench”
  • “old cat groaning in her sickbed”
  • “witch sister” of President George W. Bush
  • “ugly old maid”
  • “pumpkin”
  • “witch full of hate”
  • “utterly ignorant”
  • “old girl”
  • “little girl”

The South Korean government has called upon North Korea to tone down the “senseless” insults and come to the negotiating table on matters that concern both countries. Decrying the language used as something “even street ruffians would refrain from,” the South Korean government continues to reach out to North Korea in hopes of preventing a disaster.

The nations both appear to agree that the increase in vitriol was prompted by a speech President Park Geun-Hye gave in Dresden, Germany, where she warned that nuclear materials in the hands of North Korea could be a threat to the entire continent. She did, however, promise humanitarian aid to North Korea if the two countries could negotiate a deal, and she expressed concern for families trapped in the impoverished country.

North Korea threatened new nuclear tests after the countries exchanged fire this month, and South Korea allegedly found two crude versions of unmanned drones in their country, flown in by North Korea.


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