Russia Sympathizers Attack Pro-Ukraine Rally in Donetsk

Russia Sympathizers Attack Pro-Ukraine Rally in Donetsk

A huge fight broke out after pro-Russians attacked a group of pro-Ukrainians holding a peaceful rally in Donetsk.

William Booth, foreign correspondent for the Washington Post, tweeted a picture around 12PM ET that showed a peaceful rally of pro-Ukrainians. He said there were lots of police to protect them and no pro-Russians were involved.

However, five minutes after he posted the picture, pro-Russians with baseball bats charged the rally and attacked the pro-Ukrainians.

According to journalists at the scene, the police protecting the pro-Ukrainian rally did little to stop the pro-Russians.

This tweet perfectly sums up exactly what happened in Donetsk.

Donetsk has been one of the cities in the east prone to violence by the pro-Russian forces. In March, pro-Ukrainians held a rally at Lenin Square, but were attacked by pro-Russians. Two people were killed and 11 were sent to the hospital. The brutality experienced by the pro-Ukrainians scared them from holding other rallies. 

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