Third Ukrainian Army Helicopter Downed by Pro-Russian Forces

Third Ukrainian Army Helicopter Downed by Pro-Russian Forces

Kiev, May 02 (QNA) – Ukrainian rebels shot down a third Ukrainian army helicopters on Friday over a barricade in the city of Slaviansk in Donetsk province, southeast Ukraine.

Earlier defenders of the east Ukrainian city of Sloviansk have downed two Ukrainian helicopters that resulted in the death of one pilot and taking of the second one to the hospital, a representative of police told Russian news agency Itar-Tass by phone on Friday.

“Two helicopters were downed. One helicopter is Mil Mi-24, the second one is most likely Mi-8. One pilot died and the second one was wounded and taken to the city central hospital,” he said.

According to the Sloviansk policeman, the situation in the city is alarming, “A full mopping-up operation has started at 5am (2am GMT) in the city. A landing force was dropped from a helicopter in the centre of the city and engaged in fighting with support of helicopters. Armoured vehicles entered the outskirts of the city.”(QNA)


QNA 1133 GMT 2014/05/02