Rebels and Government Announce Truce in Homs, Syria

Rebels and Government Announce Truce in Homs, Syria

On May 2nd, Syrian rebels and the government reached a truce in Homs that would give rebels time to “withdraw” from the city.

According to the BBC, “rebels will be allowed to pull back to opposition-held areas north of Homs.” This comes after parts of the city “have been under siege for nearly two years.” 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) stated that “about 1,000 fighters were expected to pull out from rebel-held areas of Homs under the terms of a ceasefire.”

On the same day the truce was announced, “two bombs in Hama province reportedly killed at least 18.” The attack took place “three days after scores of people were killed and injured in car bombings in government-controlled parts of Homs city.”

There has been “no claim of responsibility for the Hama bombings.”

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