Iran Charges Canadian Foreign Minister with 'Iranophobia'

Iran Charges Canadian Foreign Minister with 'Iranophobia'

“Islamophobia” is so 2013. According to several Iranian state-media outlets along with Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, “Iranophobia” is the West’s new anxiety disorder.

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, speaking at the American Jewish Committee (AJC) Global Forum Wednesday, reiterated his country’s strong bond with Israel, one based on shared Western values. “As a trusted friend of Israel, we are in a position to offer both words of encouragement and words of advice.” He continued, “Ultimately this isn’t about a particular nation, race, or interest group. And it’s not about having a ledger, where you balance out the risks and benefits of taking one position or another. It’s about freedom, values and standing up for what’s right.”

The Canadian Foreign Minister viewed Iran’s nuclear ambitions with deep skepticism. “A nuclear Iran is a threat to Canada, it is a threat to Israel and our allies, and it would unwind decades of work on preventing nuclear proliferation around the world,” he said.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry responded to FM Baird’s remarks. “The incumbent Canadian administration is known as a radical administration, whose positions lack political rationale and are worthless,” said Ministry spokesperson Marzieh Afkham.

She continued, wholeheartedly rejecting Baird’s commentary. She said the comments made were “within the framework of an extremist attitude” which are part of a “Zionist plot” to promulgate “Iranophobia.”

Iran’s Foreign ministry spokeswoman warned Canadian FM Baird that he’d better wise up on standing with Israel. “Return to the conventionally diplomatic traditions is what the Canadian government requires in order to converge with the international community, and Canadian statesmen had better adopt the policy of moderation and collective wisdom,” said the burqa-clad Iranian spokesperson.