Troopathon-7 2014: Care Packages Bring Troops Love and Support from Back Home

Troopathon-7 2014: Care Packages Bring Troops Love and Support from Back Home

Breitbart News announced that this year’s Troopathon-7 2014 will be will be broadcast live on Sirius XM Patriot Radio channel 125 on June 25 at 1 p.m. Pacific time from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. 

Troopathon has been going on for seven years and is an annual event promoted by Move America Forward (MAF), a non-profit charity dedicated to those who protect America: our spirited and courageous troops. This year’s co-host will be Stephen K. Bannon, Executive Chairman of Breitbart news Sunday.

Troopathon is a non-partisan, non-political effort that includes celebrities from Hollywood, television, the music industry, sports heroes and athletes, bloggers, journalists, radio personalities, academics, experts in the field, and elected officials to bring together a wide variety of guests to support our troops. Last year Troopathon raised over $400,000 in donations for our troops and this year’s goal is to surpass that mark. Overall, Troopathon has raised over $4.5 million in care packages and sent over 315 tons of gifts for our troops.

Breitbart News and Move America Forward are kicking off the donation drive now, and anyone who wants to contribute to help our soldiers in Afghanistan or Korea or wherever they may be can send a care package to a U.S. military serviceman or woman. The packages go directly to battlegrounds and to our troops on the front line.

Each care package contains much-needed food and personal care items like coffee, cookies, Gatorade, beef jerky, deodorant, wet wipes, and more. Donations for the care packages start at $24.99 and include your personal message of support printed on a letter in each box.

On Sunday, Bannon pointed out on Breitbart News Sunday that we still have some 30,000 combat troops in Afghanistan. He reminded all of his listeners that “every day there are engagements, and every day there is combat, and our troops are put under tremendous pressure.” Bannon explained that it is a wonderful morale booster for them to receive these care packages, “and it will bring a lot of sunlight to what otherwise may be a rather gloomy day.”

Scott Raab, MAF outreach director and Navy veteran, said it well: “It’s a perfect message of love and support from back home.” Raab says that the most important part of why you should send a care package to the troops is “it comes with a personal message from you to a soldier and some will carry it around with them for their 4th, 5th or 6th tour and keep them when they come home.”

Some of this year’s guests will be Jedidiah Bila, television and radio host, Fox News contributor, and columnist; Debbie Lee, MAF spokesperson and mother of Marc Allan Lee, the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq; John McCaslin, Troopathon co-host, radio personality, journalist and author; Rita Cosby, television news anchor and correspondent, radio host, and best-selling author who is hosting the national Memorial day parade in DC; and Lacey Castlebury, who spent a lot of time in Iraq and Afghanistan distributing MAF care packages to troops.


Donations can be made by going to the website ww www or by calling 866-866-6372



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