Iran Hangs 16 'Rebels' over Border Killings

Iran Hangs 16 'Rebels' over Border Killings

On May 24, Iran executed 16 rebels after “at least 14 border guards” near the border with Pakistan were killed.

According to the New Strait Times, the 14 guards were “killed during armed clashes in the region of Saravan.” 

An “unnamed source identified the gunman as ‘bandits or rebels opposed to the Islamic republic.'” But Iranian Deputy Interior Minister Ali Abdollahi says the guards were not killed by “bandits” but Iranians who were “members of hostile groups.”

The Iranians responded to the attacks by “hanging 16 ‘rebels’ held at a prison in the region.”

Abdollahi said Iran had warned “rebel groups that any attack targeting civilians or members of the security forces would not go unanswered.”

Abdollahi also asked Pakistan to take border control “more seriously.” 

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