Sarah Palin: Obama Timed Bowe Bergdahl Release to Distract from VA Scandal

Sarah Palin: Obama Timed Bowe Bergdahl Release to Distract from VA Scandal

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin believes President Barack Obama timed the release of Bowe Bergdahl to distract from his administration’s Veterans Administration wait-list scandal in which at least 40 veterans reportedly died after they were put on secret waiting lists. 

“This feel-good story doesn’t feel real good, America,” said on Monday. “The timing of this is to distract from the VA scandals and other Obama Error disasters. Now more than ever we need a cornerstone of our democracy to do its job and get the answers to what the devil is going on in the White House.”

Obama announced Bergdahl’s release the day after VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned. And The Hill noted that Obama’s POW exchange pushed Shinseki’s resignation from the headlines,” as the “Sunday shows were packed with administration officials defending the decision and Republicans launching into political attacks against” Obama.  

Palin also challenged the media to get to the bottom of the “very concerning” POW exchange.

“You prove yourselves idiots if you take for an answer that there’s nothing amiss on this one either, ‘not even a smidgen,'” she said. 

Palin also declared that Obama “blew it” and destroyed troop morale while blasting Bergdahl’s father’s anti-American sentiments. She linked to a Breitbart News report and asked Americans to learn more about the five dangerous terrorists Obama released and the American soldier he freed. 

“As for the released soldier, let’s hope he can enjoy his freedom back home. It would be wonderful for him to make it back to Idaho in time for Father’s Day,” Palin noted. “Perhaps around a traditional all-American barbeque for pops, he can convince his dad there’s no need to continue his anti-American rants that tear the fabric of the flag to which his son pledged allegiance.”