Taliban Orders Death For Afghan Who Saved Marcus Luttrell

Taliban Orders Death For Afghan Who Saved Marcus Luttrell

Mohammad Gulab has been marked for death by the Taliban and is being actively “hunted” by fighters in the group.

His crime is the aid he gave to “Lone Survivor” U.S. Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell.

According to Vocativ, it was Gulab who discovered a severely wounded Luttrell by a waterfall in Afghanistan’s Kunar province in June 2005. Luttrell had “been shot twice and was bleeding profusely, his back was broken and he had shrapnel wounds in both of his legs.”

Gulab “took Luttrell to his home and protected him.” And when “insurgents” came and demanded Luttrell be released to them, Gulab refused. Instead he sent a runner to the nearest American base to let them know Luttrell’s location so they could come get him.

Now, nine years later, the Taliban are coming again–but not for Luttrell. 

The release of Luttrell’s story via “Lone Survivor” has put the spotlight back on Gulab and he is marked for death. 

Gulab is fighting to get a green card so he can come to the United States and bring his family with him, but he claims Luttrell has “disconnected himself” from the efforts, leaving Gulab to battle this one out on his own.

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