Israel's Innovative 'Trophy' Defense System Saves Tank as Tel Aviv Comes Under Fire Yet Again

Israel's Innovative 'Trophy' Defense System Saves Tank as Tel Aviv Comes Under Fire Yet Again

Tel Aviv, Israel–On Monday, an Israeli army tank stationed near the Gaza border came under fire from a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) attack. But for Israeli innovation, the tank likely would have sustained heavy damage and may have cost its crew their lives.

Israel’s Trophy active protection system (APS), an advanced 360-degree defense system that is mounted on many of their heavy armored vehicles, deflected what could have been a direct blow to an IDF Merkava tank.

Trophy intercepts incoming projectiles such as missiles and RPGs with what is described as a “shotgun-like” blast. The system was co-developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aircraft Industries. Much like the Iron-Dome, the system relies upon computer calculations to determine the angle and approach vector of an incoming projectile. The Trophy system creates a virtual 360 degree field of protection surrounding the tank. The system can also engage multiple threats simultaneously and arriving from completely different angles.

At 5pm local time, Tel Aviv came under attack from yet another rocket barrage fired by Hamas terrorists. The IDF immediately retaliated, striking six separate rocket launch sites in the Gaza Strip.


Kids seeking shelter in stairwell as Hamas bombards Tel Aviv. (Jordan Schachtel/July 14)

At 6pm, a rocket was fired into Israel’s Golan Heights region that borders Syria, causing a fire to break out. No injuries were reported. Last night, it was confirmed that for the first time during Operation Protective Edge that Israel had sustained rocket fire coming from Syria.

US secretary of State John Kerry is set to arrive in Cairo Tuesday. Many suspect Kerry is going to try and demand a ceasefire upon Israel.