Thousands Internationally Demonstrate Support for Israel

Thousands Internationally Demonstrate Support for Israel

Support for Israel in it’s war against Hamas-led terror is growing internationally. From Los Angeles to London, thousands of pro-Israel ralliers have gathered in a show of solidarity. 

On Friday, hundreds convened in Washington, D.C.’s Farragut Square where speakers condemned and “rejected equating Hamas and Israel in the current conflict, saying that Israel goes out of its way to warn Palestinians while Hamas places its arms among its civilians,” according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA). 

One of the speakers praised the unity of the crowd in its support for Israel, but also made certain to draw attention to the fact that civilians are suffering on both sides of the conflict. “We are gathered here as one people… Never before in history has a nation taken the steps Israel has to avoid civilian killing.”

On Sunday, hundreds gathered peacefully from both the pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian side in San Diego, California’s beachfront La Jolla neighborhood in a show of support. A local law enforcement official addressed the crowds. She said, “It is critically important that all of us come together, not just in San Diego, but throughout the entire world,” according to local CBS affiliate in San Diego. 

Across the Atlantic Ocean, in London, that same day, close to 5,000 Christians and Jews united on Kensington High Street holding up signs calling for an end to Hamas terrorism, reports the Jewish Chronicle. A taxi driver at the event said he had witnessed a great deal of anti-Semitism from pro-Palestine protestors, noting that many protesters had made references to Hitler and the Holocaust. “It was horrible, disgusting,” he said. 

“Israel is the only place we have as Jews,” expressed one of the women in attendance. A Jewish woman explained her hopes for the two sides to get along: “We don’t hate them, they hate us.”

On Sunday, Hamas violated another ceasefire. Both sides agreed to a two-hour disarmament which was violated when, 40 minutes in, Hamas opened fire on Israeli soldiers. The intent of the temporary truce was to allow for aid workers to treat injured Gazans.