ISIS Opens Official 'Marriage' Office in Syria, Offers Honeymoons to Jihadist Couples

ISIS Opens Official 'Marriage' Office in Syria, Offers Honeymoons to Jihadist Couples

If a woman wants to marry an Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, jihadist she is in luck. The terrorists opened an office in al-Bab in Syria “where single women and widows can register to marry” the radical Islamists. After she registers, the man will travel to the woman’s house and propose like the complete gentleman he is.

These are the men who imposed Sharia law in the areas of Syria and Iraq they conquered. Two women were stoned to death for alleged adultery in Syria’s Raqqa, which was the first time that punishment took place in the city. After they expelled Christians from Mosul in Iraq, the jihadists told women to wear full-face veils, not to leave the house without a male relative, and not to wear perfume.

This is not the first place marriage-hungry jihadists have set up shop. In Baiji, Islamic State members went door-to-door and asked for the relationship statuses of the women in the houses.

“I told them that there were only two women in the house and both were married,” said Abu Lahid, one resident, who encountered the jihadists. “They said that many of their mujahedin [fighters] were unmarried and wanted a wife. They insisted on coming into my house to look at the women’s ID cards [which in Iraq show marital status].”

If a couple is interested in the Islamic State they can honeymoon in their “caliphate,” which is parts of Syria and Iraq. The happy couple will start in Raqqa, which is where the stoning took place, and continue to Iraq’s Anbar. Activist Hadi Salameh said Chechen militant Abu Abdel Rahman al-Shishani and his new wife were one of the first clients. Even though the Islamic State hates the West and capitalism, these tours are not free.

“Of course it’s not free. The price varies, depending on how far you go on the bus,” said Salameh.

The bus flies the Islamic State flag, and the driver plays vibrant, militant songs. However, the couples cannot sit together due to Sharia law. The women must sit in the back while the men sit in the front.


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