CDC Refuses to Identify Where Previous Ebola Tests Originated

CDC Refuses to Identify Where Previous Ebola Tests Originated

Tuesday evening the CDC confirmed to Breitbart News that six individuals in the United States had been tested for Ebola. Those tests came back negative, but the CDC would not identify the states where they originated.

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported Tuesday that half a dozen people had been tested for Ebola. It was not clear whether a patient who walked into Mount Sinai Hospital in New York Monday with “high fever and gastrointestinal problems” was one of those six or in addition to the six.

Tuesday afternoon, Breitbart News contacted the CDC with two questions. First, in which states were the six people who had been tested located? Second, had the tests come back and what were the results?

The CDC’s Director of Public Affairs sent a brief response which answered the second question but sidestepped the first. “The six previous tests were all negative and sporadic in time and place. Mount Sinai test still pending testing at CDC” he wrote. From this answer it appears the pending test is the 7th so far.

The pending test is expected back tomorrow. At present that individual–who has recently traveled to West Africa where the current outbreak is taking place–is said to be under “strict isolation.”


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