Islamic State 'Preaching Vans' Recruit Children to 'Kill All Infidels'

Islamic State 'Preaching Vans' Recruit Children to 'Kill All Infidels'

Agents of the Islamic State are using “teaching vans” to recruit children to their cause and instruct them in the ways of violent jihad.

A new documentary released from Vice News features video footage of a teaching van traveling to the Euphrates river in Syria.

The film crew interviews small children who pledge their allegiance to the caliphate and vow to fight Americans.

The documentary also features celebratory events to attract children held in cities recently captured by IS.

In one scene, IS agents are filmed singing songs for children including the lyrics, “Beautiful virgins are calling, enroll me as a martyr,” and handing out food to celebrate the caliphate.

In another scene, they hold a comedy routine with a dwarf to entertain the children before leading them in a pledge of allegiance to the caliphate.


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