Five Suspected Ebola Victims Found in Albania

Five Suspected Ebola Victims Found in Albania

Newsweek is reporting that five immigrants out of 40 who were arrested in Albania on Thursday have shown signs of symptoms of Ebola, according to the Macedonian newspaper Vecer

Albanian police believe the five immigrants arrived from Eritrea by illegally emigrating to Europe through Greece. The immigrants are being tested in a hospital in Vlore, roughly 85 miles from Italy’s closest port. Earlier on Thursday, one person in Montenegro was quarantined and was suspected of carrying the Ebola virus. That person apparently got to Montenegro from a West African country.

Meanwhile, Serbian authorities have 14 people from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea or Nigeria under 21-day medical surveillance for fear they, too, may carry the Ebola virus, according to the Bulgarian newspaper Standart. If they do have the virus, they would be the first uncontrolled instances of the virus in Europe. A Spanish priest was the first European victim of the virus; he was flown to Madrid after contracting Ebola in Liberia.

In 2014, Albanian police have arrested more than 500 illegal immigrants, chiefly from Somalia and Eritrea. Guinea declared a public health emergency on Thursday; Ebola has killed over 1,000 people there. Liberia started giving victims of the virus the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp on Thursday.