Pro-Israel Hacker Causing Chaos on Pro-Palestinian Sites

Pro-Israel Hacker Causing Chaos on Pro-Palestinian Sites

Gregory Chelli, a 32-year old Parisian native nicknamed “Ulcan,” has been hacking pro-Palestinian websites and changing its content to display pro-Israel messages, French media report.

In an interview with French site Liberation, Chelli said he was a “Zionist activist engaged in a fight because Israel has the right to live and to defend itself.” He said that he is “not a man of [the] extreme Right” nor “against Islam.”

“Israel represents only 0.3% of the territory of the Middle East, we are entitled to this land. I’m not ashamed of what I did,” Chelli concluded in his interview.

Chelli is now a resident of Ashdod, Israel, a city that has come under heavy fire during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge against Hamas. He was once a member of the Jewish Defense League, an organization started by controversial Rabbi Meir Kahane with the goal to “protect Jews from anti-Semitism by whatever means necessary.”

France has been dealing with a massive increase in anti-Semitic activity as of late. In July, there were several documented anti-Jewish demonstrations in France. In just one week in July, crowds of pro-Palestinian rioters attempted to burn down synagogues and destroy multiple Jewish businesses. Many could be heard chanting, “Slit Jews’ Throats,” “Gas the Jews,” “Death to Jews,” and “Kill the Jews.”

Chelli has been one of many French Jews to leave his native land for Israel. During a ten-day span in July, more than one thousand French Jews departed for the Jewish state. France is home to Europe’s largest Jewish population with approximately 500,000 citizens identifying with the faith.