Preparing For World War 3: Ukraine May Restore Its Nuclear Capabilities

Preparing For World War 3: Ukraine May Restore Its Nuclear Capabilities

On September 14, Ukrainian Minister of Defense Valeriy Heletey suggested “Russia is threatening Ukraine with nuclear weapons” and Ukraine is responding by taking a serious look at restoring their own nuclear program, which was ended in the 1990s at the urging of Bill Clinton.

According to Inquisitr, Heletey made clear that a restoration of Ukraine’s weapons program will only take place “if NATO member states do not provide weapons, especially…member states like the United States and England.”

Heletey’s exact words: “I am drawing attention to Russia’s threatening Ukraine with use of tactical nuclear weapons. If we fail to defend Ukraine today, if the world does not help us, we will have to get back to the creation of such weapons, which will defend us from Russia.” 

BBC News reports that Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk also stressed the role NATO countries must play if nuclear capabilities are to be avoided. Yatsenyuk said NATO is the “only vehicle” that can protect Ukraine, apart from a restart of their own nuclear program. 

Officials have made clear that NATO itself will not be “[sending] lethal assistance to non-NATO member Ukraine,” but the door is open for individual NATO members to do so. And BBC News reports that Defense Minister Heletey says those needed weapons are already on their way from unnamed, individual members.

Heletey said: “I have no right to disclose any specific country we reached that agreement with. But the fact is that those weapons are already on the way to us–that’s absolutely true.” 

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