Live Blog: Obama, Peace Laureate, Takes Case for 'War' (not War) to UN

Live Blog: Obama, Peace Laureate, Takes Case for 'War' (not War) to UN

When a U.S. President comes to the United Nations to convince Americans that he’s serious about protecting their security, we’re in trouble. When he comes to the UN–an organization that has no official definition of terrorism–to have us believe he’s serious about dealing with terrorism, we’re cooked.

So just what gems can we expect from the President when he speaks to the UN General Assembly this morning? 

For starters, it will be all about collaboration, cooperation, coalition-building. Or, put slightly differently: making bad deals in back rooms filled with non-democracies and various despots, and then telling the gullible liberal press it’s all good. 

Next up? A few more lessons about Islam. Enough said.

And of course, there will be his usual whipping boy, Israel. 

After all, now that our grand total of 5–of the 22 member states of the Arab League and 56 states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation—are our BFF’s, there’s the little matter of the price tag.  

In years past, the President has focused on Israel at great length to mollify the UN crowd, and given that he spent the summer publicly stabbing Israel in the back throughout the Gaza war, today is not likely to be any different.

What won’t be in the speech?  Don’t expect any mention of the fact that the Saudis cut off heads too, or that our other Arab “allies” treat women like chattel and don’t have a clue what democracy looks like.

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