German Deputy Speaker: Turkey Must End Support of ISIS

German Deputy Speaker: Turkey Must End Support of ISIS

Claudia Roth, deputy speaker of Germany’s Parliament, says Turkey must end its support for ISIS, and NATO must pressure it to do so if necessary. 

According to Rudaw, Roth alleges that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is purposely pursuing a “‘murky’ policy in Syria” to allow time for ISIS to wipe out as many Kurds as possible. She said: “What we have learned is that Mr. Erdogan wouldn’t mind if Kurds were weakened and then annihilated.” 

Moreover, Roth also claimed Turkey “harbors an ISIS camp in Istanbul” and that ISIS “has been able to sell its oil via Turkey.”

Roth wants Germany to pressure Turkey to change its stance toward ISIS, and she said “NATO members…[should] do the same.”

Turkey denies aiding ISIS or “dealing with” the terror group in any way. But these denials are countered by reports of ISIS fighters “crossing from Turkey to Syria” and “wounded militants [being] treated in Turkish hospitals.”

On October 3, Breitbart News reported that ISIS had succeeded in capturing 325 of 354 villages on the Turkish border in northern Syria. Erdogan responded to the capture of these villages by saying he realizes Turkey is going to have to do its part to halt the ISIS advance. He said this included the option of joining “the military operations [now underway] in Iraq and Syria.”

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