Islamic State Crucifies 17-Year-Old in Syria for Filming ISIS Training Sites

Islamic State Crucifies 17-Year-Old in Syria for Filming ISIS Training Sites

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) jihadist terror group has crucified and placed on display for three days a 17-year-old boy in Aleppo–yet another public execution meant to scare into submission those under the Islamic State’s rule. The boy reportedly accepted money for filming activity at ISIS training sites.

According to the UK Independent, the boy’s image began circulating on social media, hung up in public with a sign explaining his crimes. The sign, in Arabic, explained that the boy had filmed Islamic State training areas and military bases and had accepted money in exchange for the images, presumably from enemies. Specifically, the boy had accepted “500 Turkish lira”–about $222–for photos and video that gave a glimpse into Islamic State terrorist activity (WARNING: Photo below is extremely graphic.):

Lebanon’s Daily Star notes that the sign around his neck identifies the boy as “Abdullah al Bushi.” The NGO Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has confirmed the image and execution as authentic.

The Islamic State has repeatedly used crucifixion as an execution method against those who work directly against the terrorist group or otherwise violate its extreme interpretation of Sharia law. Fellow captives report that American journalist James Wright Foley was often the victim of “mock executions” in which he would be hoisted onto a cross. Muslims in Syria, particularly, have been displayed on crosses as “apostates” for violating Islamic State rules. In June, the Islamic State crucified nine men in Aleppo, most believed to be working against President Bashar al-Assad’s military. They, too, were displayed for three days. That same month, the group crucified eight Islamic State jihadists who were accused of not being sufficiently zealous about the fight against the West.

The Islamic State has not shied away from killing fellow Muslims–and even fellow jihadists–whom ISIS leaders do not deem sufficiently committed. In addition to al Bushi, the Islamic State beheaded a number of its own jihadists for allegedly spying on the group for enemy powers this week. Such a practice has led to some suspicions, even among other jihadist groups, that the Islamic State is working against Muslims. It has also led to some mockery; a sketch on Palestinian television showed Islamic State jihadists killing Muslims for not knowing obscure lines in the Koran, while letting Israeli Jews go free.


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