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Pentagon: ISIS Tactics Around Kobane Allowed More Airstrikes

Pentagon: ISIS Tactics Around Kobane Allowed More Airstrikes

On October 16, Joint Chiefs of Staff Special Assistant for Public Affairs John Kirby said the Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL) tactic of centering its “forces and combat power” around the city of Kobane provided an opportunity for more U.S. airstrikes against the terror group. 

But Kirby also pointed out that the increased number of airstrikes does not guarantee victory against ISIS in Kobane.

According to, Kirby said, “With these airstrikes, we took advantage of the opportunity to hit ISIL as they attempt to mass their forces and combat power on the Kurdish-held positions.” He added, “What makes Kobani significant is the fact that ISIL wants it, and the more they want it, the more forces and resources they apply to it, the more targets are available for us to hit there.”

But he also added, “Our military participation is from the air, and the air only, right now. We’ve all been honest about the fact that air power alone is not going to be able to save any town in particular.” 

On October 14, Breitbart News reported that Kurds recaptured a “strategically important” hill west of Kobane. ISIS had captured the hill two weeks earlier, and in retaking it, BBC News reported that the Kurds regained control “of an informal border crossing” between Syria and Turkey that was very important to ISIS.

Had ISIS retained control of the hill, it also would have retained control of a large, uninterrupted portion of the Syria-Turkey border.  

Breitbart News previously reported that Kurds fear a massacre of their people if ISIS is able to capture and control Kobane.

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