ISIS Fighter Defends Massacres Because Muhammed 'Slaughtered 700 People'

ISIS Fighter Defends Massacres Because Muhammed 'Slaughtered 700 People'

A Russian Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) fighter Abu Muhammad Ar-Rusi justified the massacres committed by the terrorist group because Islam’s Prophet Muhammed killed many people. The message in the video is directed to Muslims “who speak Russian.”

“You accuse us of the mass killing of Muslims, saying that we are blood-shedding murderers,” said the fighter. “Didn’t the Prophet Muhammad and his companions shed blood? Haven’t you read his biography, written by Ibn Hisham, which says that the Messenger of Allah killed 700 people in a single battle? He slaughtered 700 people—that is our Prophet and our religion.”

Ibn Ishaq wrote the original biography; Hisham edited Ishaq’s book. The invasion of Banu Qurayza might be the battle to which the fighter is referring. It is also referenced in the Koran and other Islamic literature. The Banu Qurayza was a Jewish tribe in northern Arabia. The siege lasted 25 days and between 600-900 people were slaughtered. The men were publicly executed while women and children were sold off as slaves. The fighter said Muhammed took part in the executions, but author Subash Inamdar said the prophet did not participate.

The fighter also attempted to encourage Muslims to join the Islamic State. He said those who resist are not doing the work of Allah.

With regard to the Islamic State, the Caliphate, and the numerous accusations we have been accused of by those who sit idly by instead of going on Jihad, or those who do nothing for the religion of Allah, except for praying the five prayers, believing that by doing so, they are helping the religion of Allah,” he said. “You are not helping yourselves or the religion of Allah. Anyone who sits idly by and does not help the Islamic State today will be held accountable on Judgment Day.”

He continued: “I say to all our Muslim brothers and sisters: Join the Islamic State. Join your brothers. Do not wait until death comes to you. Do not wait until the path is blocked. As long as you can, perform hijra. The hijra is a duty. If you read any book on Islamic faith, you will see that it is a duty to perform hijra from Dar Al-Kufr to Dar Al-Islam. Do not procrastinate. Do not delude yourselves. Do not say to yourselves that that you will perform the hijra tomorrow or the day after.”

The hijra is the trip Muhammed and his followers took from Mecca to Medina in the year 622. Muhammed left after he was informed of an assassination plot against him. This journey is known as the beginning of the Muslim era. 


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