Report: Canada, Australia Team Up For Secret Humanitarian Mission in Iraq

Report: Canada, Australia Team Up For Secret Humanitarian Mission in Iraq

Canadian CF-18 Hornets escorted an Australian C-130J transport plane into hostile territory in Iraq, delivering 32 tons of humanitarian aid to stranded Yazidis on Mount Sinjar, Canada military officials said Thursday.

The aid drops took place between November 20-23, when the coalition allies helped deliver crucial supplies such as blankets, tents, and fresh water, according to reports. The Yazidis, who have been stranded for months, now face an upcoming frigid winter season on the mountain.

Canadian CF-18s

Kurdish peshmerga forces have been engaged since August in trying to overtake Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) positions surrounding the mountain. The Yazidis have been effectively under siege, for fear that descending the mountain will lead to their sure slaughter.

Australian C-130J

Col. Dan Constable of the Canadian military said of the mission: “The presence of our CF-18s to provide top cover for the transport aircraft allowed it to deliver its aid cargo at a lower altitude, knowing that our fighter aircraft could detect and target any air or ground threats… The mission was highly effective, and appreciated by our coalition partner.”

U.S. President Barack Obama said in August that there no longer was a refugee issue on Mt. Sinjar, reported Breitbart News, but many reports have surfaced indicating that the President’s remarks were off-base. Breitbart News reported in October that the Yazidi’s situation remains as dire as ever