ISIS’s Female Shariah Patrol Terrorizes Syrians

ISIS’s Female Shariah Patrol Terrorizes Syrians

The Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) has instituted a female police force whose mission is to ensure a shariah-compliant society and manage brothels stocked with Yazidi women who were forced into sex slavery.

The group is said to be called the Al-Khansa Brigade. The all-female unit reportedly hides weapons of enforcement such as guns and knives under their Islamic full-body coverings. They are based out of Raqqa, which has been described as ISIS’s capital in Syria.

British Muslim women who have traveled to the region proudly boasted on social media the primitive behavior exhibited by the ISIS female patrols in Raqqa, detailing how they carry out unprovoked beatings and ensure that innocent Yazidi girls maintain proper behavior while enslaved, the Daily Mail reports.

The police patrol has reportedly often beaten women who have failed to wear the correct Islamic veil material, and others who were wearing shoes that weren’t all-black.

Al-Khansa borrows its namesake from a poet who lived at the same time as the prophet Mohamed, according to Islamic scripture. Al-Khansa translates in English as “mother of many martyrs.”

Separately, ISIS militants have continued closing in on a Syrian air base in the country’s east. On Thursday, reports stated that dozens of Syrian soldiers and ISIS jihadis were killed in fighting. The air base has been used as a staging ground for attacks against ISIS-occupied cities and villages throughout the region. Should the air base fall into ISIS’s hands, the jihadi holy warriors expect to face much less resistance in their future regional operations.